Wild Animal Safari near Atlanta, GA

If you’ve ever wanted to give your children a first-hand safari experience, visiting the Wild Animal Safari outside of Atlanta, Georgia will be a great experience.   There are over 600 animals at the park so most children’s favorites will be seen.  Lions, tigers, zebra, giraffes, elk and buffalo were some of the favorites on our children’s list.  They carried a checklist with themselves and would star each animal that they saw.

Here’s a sample video of our visit below and link to their site can be found by clicking here.

When you first arrive at the park, you can choose to rent one of their vehicles to drive around the park at your own pace or you can catch one of the tour buses.   We opted for the rental car and which may not be what you’re expecting.  Think of outdoor animals putting their heads and perhaps some slobber in the car. That’s why these vehicles are often older models, with minimal insides.  Their purpose is to get you around the park.  No air conditioning so factor this into when you plan on visiting.  It can get very hot in the cars during the middle months of summer.

You’ll also choose how much food you want to take with you.  Buy as much as you’re able to as you’ll never run out of animals that want to be fed and this is what attracts and keeps many of them at your car.  Especially for photo ops, you don’t want to run out when you have a key picture in mind.

This was our second visit to the park so we knew not to spend much time stopping during the first quarter mile as these are mostly ostriches that come to visit and actually look somewhat like vultures and made our youngest cry during the first visit.   They have extremely long necks so can reach into your car, almost to the middle and help themselves to food. Do not be afraid.  Just be prepared and now that you know this, you’ll just keep the car moving along.

As my daughter says, the good animals are in the middle. LOL.  My daughter’s favorite is the giraffe.  Those at this park are the Reticulated Giraffes.  They are native to southern Africa and live off of vegetation.  They can grow to be 16 to 20 feet tall and many at the park are this size and may seem even taller from your vantage point in the car.  They are gentle when they poke their head into the window and do enjoy a snack or two of the bagged food pellets. A kiss on the cheek was fairly easy to capture in photos for each person in the car and made for a great family album.

Of course my favorites are the tigers and we saw the Bengal Tiger today. They are native to Bangledesh and Nepal and this big cat can grow to be up to 575 pounds.  They can eat up to 50 pounds of meat during a meal, so we stayed far away:-).  The wild cats are kept caged so it is totally safe to visit the park.  And yet you can get so close to truly see them as one of their den’s was just 8 or so feet from the fenced in area we passed.

One of the big lion cats came to visit and the children were surprised to overhear the bus tour guide say that it is only male lions that have a mane.  And these manes only grow in as they mature.

We so enjoyed our visit to this park that is just south of Atlanta in Pine Mountain, Georgia. If you have a day to take the family on an exciting excursion, this is the place!  Entertainment for all ages and with so many animals on the property, there is certain to be a favorite for everyone.  You will need the entire day there most likely, depending upon where you live.  For us, the drive was alost 2 and half hours with a quick stop.  Once we arrived, it was another hour to get registered, get food and get settled into our car.

While some drivers behind us probably wished we were quicker, they could easily pass us, and most did.  We were taking our time to look at the animals up close and of course, get lots of pictures.  We spent about 2 hours in the rented vehicle.  We cleaned up and had a bite to eat at their snack bar.  Nothing fancy, typical park food, hotdogs, pizza, etc.  But we were starving and we’re happy to have a place to eat on premises.

You will have a wonderful trip if you visit!