Big Cats Wildlife First Sponsor

We are thrilled to be moving forward with our plans to begin creating a 12 month Big Cat calendar which will feature the 12 most popular (based on votes) images in our Gallery. All are welcome to submit entries.

We are happy to announce that our first sponsor has generously offered to contribute funds for 1 month of the calendar which is 1 of the 12 sponsorships available. The contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, owns a house painting company and we are thrilled for his support.

He is an artistic painter as well and suggested we might consider a painted portrait for the calendar which is certainly an option should any of our readers wish to submit a work of art. He has not painted any big cats or wild cats but said if he ever goes on safari or has an opportunity to visit one of the wildlife sanctuaries, that he may consider it.  He sees the imagery in the photos and agrees it may be hard to compete as these are magnificent animals in photo images.

We decided that the sponsor-a-month calendar was the easiest way to create sponsorships and are open to any suggestions for additional sponsors, or if any of our members would like to come forward, we’d welcome it.

The sponsorship includes your company name and logo on the calendar image at the top. Max size 2 inches in length, 1 inch in height. If the calendar image came from on of our members, their name will also be included on the calendar image but as a photo courtesy at the bottom right. Text only.

We contacted the Braheewan Sanctuary whose officials seem open to discussing how a contribution might be put to use.  They offered to allow our group to sponsor a certain time period of care and upkeep of the animal which includes feeding, and might be pricier than you might imagine. Estimates are over $1500 a month for animal and veterinarian care, government fees….which sounded unusual….. and part of the property maintenance fee assigned to each cat in the sanctuary.

We thought we’d survey a few more sanctuaries and then also call some of our favorite parks in Africa to see what sponsorship options are available.

If we sponsor one animal or a section of a park, our thought was to plan a group trip, so all members and sponsors could attend and join together to celebrate our Big Cat Calendar and the donations we collect to preserve Big Cats.

There are also some legal considerations which my husband will check out.  I never thought that we’d have to worry about paying taxes and accounting fees but in addition to setting up the non-profit corporation that we already established, we must look at collecting contributions and how we distribute this money.  So that there is a review of how we solicit funds, who we contribute money to and oversight of the corporations activities.   I thought that getting sponsors for the calendar and getting it published would be the hard part.  Now it appears there are many legal issues but we will keep you posted.

Thank you for your continued support of our Wild Cats and your interest in preserving these majestic animals.