Cats in a Big City

While big cats don’t roam around in larger cities, we do find smaller cats. And they are house broken.  What you find in large cities are house cats. Many people want to keep pets but find that living in a big city, they don’t have space for them or a place for the animals to play and run around outside. Cats make the perfect pet because they take up little space and do not require outdoor time.

Most cats are content to spend their days indoors getting into trouble with any ball of yarn, roll of toilet paper or other household item that has movement or can be pulled apart. Often, one returns homes to find mobiles destroyed or garbage overturned from playful cats.  So you do have to keep items protected.  It is important to provide amusement for cats and also to keep their names sharp, less they choose to do this on your furniture.  Usually a homemade cat crawler covered with carpet is plenty to keep cats entertained and their nails sharpened.

Cats in Atlanta


Many people who live in downtown Atlanta, a major U.S. city, find that having cats, not big cats, but household cats, are a way to have companionship and a buddy at home. Many apartment buildings allow pets but only include fish, frogs, hamsters and cats.  This enables apartment dwellers to keep cats as pets and have a furry friend at home.

While I’ve never had a house cat, and am only a friend of the Big Cats described in past articles, for those seeking the cat experience, watching a house cat can be funny. They play in almost anything and do seem to have nine lives.  They jump off ledges, jump off counters and basically find anyway to make a day fun playing at home.

Food consumption is fairly minimum.  Mostly just a can of cat food per day depending upon the size and appetite of your cat.  Some finicky cats, as we all know there are many, prefer to nibble all day on small portions of food.  Larger cats who can also be finicky, may prefer larger portions.  Both are known to be finicky but more so smaller cats.  Perhaps the larger cats and just hungrier so despite their preference for another food choice, will eat what’s in front of them if hungry.  Smaller cats can defer meals for days, until you find what it is they like. And this task can be daunting.

We’ve heard of cat owners placing 4 or 5 different types of cat food in front of their pets before discovering one that their cats like.  And we’ve even heard of cats that eat food better suited for humans such as chicken or steak.  You have to be diligent in your pursuit to find their preferred meal.

The advantage of larger cities such as Atlanta, is many shopping options are within walking distance. You not only have local grocery stores that carry cat food, but also pet stores with a variety of healthy options.

If you live in a larger city such as Atlanta, Georgia, give some thought to owning a pet to keep you company.  City life can be fun but sometimes it’s nice to have a pet at home.