Atlanta Events

The dog days of summer are hard to get through but at least there are lots of festivals and events to attend. As the capital of the state of Georgia, Atlanta has a population of 473,667 and a metro area of over 5 million people. This large populous brings and economy that offers culturally rich areas with art, history, entertainment and outdoor activities. Located in the south, it means there is a climate where year round outdoor activities are possible.

Parks and other green public spaces abound. Nature preserves, hiking trails and activities centered around the river are all easily accessible. Some local hiking areas include Stone Mountain, Kennesaw National Battlefield Park and the Atlanta Beltline. For the four legged friends, Piedmont Park offers miles of walking paths for you and your pooch.

The Atlanta Beltline is the newest outdoor area with over 22 miles of unused railroad tracks available to guide your wlak around the city’s neighborhoods. The initial goal of the Beltline is to connect people throughout the Metro Atlanta area but people are finding it the useful daily exercise trail, the place to see green and get a green break from the city and a great friend meeting place. A number of restaurants have opened on the Beltline.¬† Check Google Maps for the various spots around the 22 miles. The Historic 4th Ward Park is one of many to back to the Beltline and offer a stop to grab a drink or meet friends along the way.

Another pooch friendly spot, you’ll not only find plenty of walking space but restaurants that are pooch friendly too. You’ll also get a cultural experience with art as public art works are part of the reclamation and rehabilitation of the railway tracks with the Art on the Beltline Project.

Stop and take in the scenes and find a great restaurant too as some of Atlanta’s finest are popping up along the railway. Mad Max and 2 Urban Licks are recently opened and where you’ll find crowds of people during all hours of the days and evenings.¬†Morning coffee drinkers, exercise enthusiasts needing a protein pick me up and early risers in search of breakfast can all find the great smells of breakfast foods nearby.

The very first public skate park is located along the Betline where all riders beginners and advanced will find challenges and fun. While it’s hard to believe in our recent 90 degree weather and over 80% humidity some would still enjoy skating outdoors, the skate park was packed last Saturday with skates of all ages and proficiency levels donning helmets and kneepads to skate in safety.


This is the place that Brings Atlanta Together so come on out and see what everyone is talking about at the new Atlanta Beltline Park.